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Global Leader and Innovators of Bamboo Products. The Next Generation Exterior Wood.
Dasso products are environment friendly, water resistant, fire retardant, termite resistant, highly stable, very low or no maintains products. Dasso is way superior in all respect as compare to any other tropical hardwoods available.

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Fixing Accessories

Grip Deck Fastener, Brown color, 100 set/pack includes #7X1-3/5'' grade 304 stainless steel and coated screws and 1 star head drive bit.
Grip Deck Fastener

Use with G2 Decking Planks to install on joist as hidden fastener.

Fastener will provide a gap or spacing of approximately 5/32″ or 0.157″ (4mm) between planks. Screws are designed to sit beneath the planks in order to obtain a super narrow gap.

PRODUCT SIZE: H5/16″ x W1″ x L1-1/2″ (H8mm x W23.5mm x L40mm)

COMMENTS: Decking Grip Fastener System suitable for all type of decking plank with side grooves as long as the fastener could fit into the grooves. Check for suitability before you continue install.