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Dasso products are environment friendly, water resistant, fire retardant, termite resistant, highly stable, very low or no maintains products. Dasso is way superior in all respect as compare to any other tropical hardwoods available.

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Maintenance Oil

1 Litre can of maintence oil.
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Fused Bamboo (dassoXTR and dassoCTECH) are all natural products, it’s appearance may vary in grains and colors. When exposed under the natural sunlight over time, the appearance and color may change depending on the extent of UV light exposed to the material. The boards originally have brown to dark brown color in multiple hues, which will lighten up over several weeks or months. The board's color without regular maintenance will eventually color fade just like any hardwood exposed to sunlight. If a brown color is preferred, maintenance should be done with an exterior penetrating oil. Stains could be added to the penetrating oil to achieve a desired color of the finish product.

Maintenance Oil
  • Clean the fused bamboo decking with a  regular stiff nylon brush. Scrub the soaked bamboo decking lengthwise following the bamboo grain till the material appears clean. Repeat the cleaning if necessary.
  • Leave the dasso fused bamboo to dry for approx. 24 hours. The material must be completely dry before an oil treatment.
  • Make the application of oil in dry weather only. Avoid direct sunlight and high temperatures. Stir the water based oil thoroughly before use.
  • The oil is cream-colored when it is wet. After a few minutes, the material has an oily appearance as the water is evaporating. If necessary, wipe off any excesses oil with clean cotton cloths after no more than 5 minutes. Take particular care to remove excess oil from joints and grooves.
  • Apply 2 new layers of decking oil. When not applying new outdoor
    oil 1-2x per year, the floor will turn in to a grey color tone and the typical bamboo wood grain structure will become less visible.
  •  It is advisable to keep the decking free from dust and dirt as much as possible. (Clean by broom regularly)