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Dasso products are environment friendly, water resistant, fire retardant, termite resistant, highly stable, very low or no maintains products. Dasso is way superior in all respect as compare to any other tropical hardwoods available.

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Benefit of Bamboo

The use of bamboo as a raw material for parquet and furniture panels is a real innovation. This giant grass creates the opportunity to manufacture a wide range of solutions for flooring, furniture, or interior decoration. It is therefore an efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to another conventional hardwood flooring.

Color Range predictable. Supply, quality & price predictable. The patented fusion process produces very hard and very straight boards. Unlike other decking companies, there is no need to always have the ends of the planks on the joists because of DassoXTR’s end matching gives joint stability over the entire span. End matched! Did we mention the logic of end matching?! No crane for high rise delivery. One person’s job in most cases – and leave the pry bar in the truck. Most likely less waste; less defecting because it’s consistent in color and straight, and less cutting waste because its end matched.

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dasso.XTR compare to other exterior building materials

dassoXTR’s remarkable durability makes it a unique material for use in outdoor construction materials, including decking, siding, and fencing. In fact, dassoXTR fused bamboo is among the stiffest and strongest decking materials in the world and is even more dense than Ipe – a natural wood that is widely accepted for outdoor use. dassoXTR products are also Class A Fire rated using C NFPA and IBC Classifications tested to ASTM E-84-12 and decay and insect resistant (including resistance to termites).

Tested in accordance with International Code Council (ICC) standard AC174 for exterior decking, dassoXTR has been approved/accepted as a product suitable for exterior usage.

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Carbon footprint

dasso products are CO2 neutral or better over their full life cycle.      Our supplier, has commissioned the Delft University of Technology to conduct an official LCA and carbon footprint study. The report concludes that all assessed dasso bamboo products (all solid bamboo decking, panels, and veneer) are CO2 negative over the full life cycle (“cradle till grave”).In this result the high growing speed of bamboo has not even been taken into account, and can be perceived as an additional environmental benefit.

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Hard & Durable

Dasso is very hard and durable and can be used in many heavy duty applications. It has greater tensile strength by weight, than steel and it with stands compression better than concrete. Although giant bamboo is formally not a wood but a grass, it has excellent hardwood like characteristics. Because of the composition of individual strips, bamboo will shrink and swell less than most solid wood species, providing a very stable solution.

Fire resistant & Healthy

Dasso products are also a healthy choice as they are antistatic and anti-allergic. Further they have very low emissions of harmful VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). Due to the high density, several dasso bamboo products fulfill stringent fire safety requirements and dasso has tested almost the full range of bamboo products.


To be renewable, a material must come from a natural resource, which is why hardwood and bamboo are the only renewable flooring options available. Bamboo has the benefit of being rapidly renewable. While it take traditional hardwoods 40-120 years to maturity, it only takes 4-6 years for bamboo plants to reach full maturity. Bamboo also minimises C02 gases and generates up to 35% more oxygen than equivalent stands of trees.

Sustainable choice

Renewable resources in the world. It absorbs CO2 in large quantities. With its properties comparable to hardwood, moso bamboo is the ideal alternative to increasingly scarce tropical hardwoods. To determine the eco-impact of a product, every phase of the life cycle should be taken into account. Our bamboo products offer clear sustainability advantages in each phase and are even proven CO2 neutral over the full life cycle.

Fastest growing plant in the world

Because of the fast growth, dasso is managed as an agricultural crop: the annual harvest of the 4-5 year old stems (compared to 60-80 years for tropical and other hardwoods!) – provides a steady annual income to farmers and stimulates the bamboo plant to reproduce even faster. Therefore, in contrast to tropical hardwood, there is no deforestation taking place for production of our bamboo products.

Natural Beautiful

Sleek, sophisticated and stunning come to mind when you think of finished bamboo products. Bamboo suits modern and traditional decor making it a very versatile product and gives a natural touch to any environment. To create innovative and amazing solutions to your building projects. Have a look at the range of our beautiful images across our website for some ideas.

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